Friday, June 10, 2011

Update on Christian - Every cloud has a silver lining!

Christian continues to battle an intermittent fever, which has been one of his symptoms since the onset of the TM.  Most recently, he has contracted a rash on his chest that is turning into sores in some places.  The Doctors are perplexed by the fever & rash.  His blood work was analyzed last week, and concluded that his hemoglobin, hemadocrit, and his white blood count are all low.  They will be re-working his blood this coming week to see if another blood transfusion is needed.  While he is eating table food well, his suction is weak, which has lead to Danielle syringe feeding him his milk instead of being able to nurse him.

As of yesterday, Christian is struggling with voiding his urine, which is requiring cathetarition  This is a mountain that Christian had already conquered since being home, so this regression is both concerning and disheartening to the family - especially with the other symptoms occurring.  Please be in prayer for Christian, his family, and his team of doctors as they monitor his course and symptoms.  Danielle is waiting on a phone call from the lead doctor that treated C at Texas Children's to order a plan of action if necessary.

The Silver Lining!
By the Grace of God and with the help of the loving hands of Christians's PT angel Leah, Christian's left pointer finger & thumb are almost at 100% full function!  His left pinky finger is "firing" intermittently, but movement is a blessing and a sign of good things to come!  His left thigh also seems to be showing slight intermittent firing, or movement signaled from the brain.  This is the first sign of reaction in his lower region - Praise the Lord for He has began a good work in this baby boy!  There is still no change in his right hand, but we are counting our blessings for the signs on the left side. 

Also a blessing!  The Smith's were blessed with a kid cart, a standing machine, and some body bracing

On Memorial Day, Christian & his big sisters spent some time at a local pool.


  1. Praying for you guys. I know the roads not easy but God will guide you through this path. He will let you know things in His time. Please keep updating us.

  2. Continued prayers to you and the family.