Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doctors Say Plan B..... Trusting God for Plan A: Full Recovery!

Jack and Danielle have asked to get the word out on Christian's progress and where he is in his recovery at this point.  He is still battling fever.  The first several days have been critical for recovery.  Doctors have said he is not recoverying as they had hoped and they are switching to plan b.  Plan b is to address the issues as they arrive and work to keep him funtioning at the highest level possible.  Doctors have told them he doesn't have paralysis "yet".  The word "yet" has been very disheartening for Danielle in particular.  Danielle has not been reading up on transverse myelites and has no desire to do so.  She said she is having a difficult time processing what is reality without looking at the possibilities.  Jack and others have read and she says the others do not seem as surprised.

They will begin an infusion treatment called IVIG on Monday.  They will also change his steroid to another type of steroid.

I asked her for her top 3 prayer requests and here they are:

1) Pray for a FULL recovery.  Her words, "I want a miracle!!!!"

2) Pray for Kylie and Jillian.  The next couple of months will be very different.  They are in excellent care with Stacy Criswell.  However, Danielle is concerened for them.  She doesn't want them to feel neglected, unloved, or to resent Christian's illness in any way.  Pray for wisdom in how to help them have normalcy in the midst of this crisis time in their family.

3)  Jack will need to return to work soon.  Please pray for his peace and wisdom.  Pray for his work situation so he will be able to spend less hours at the job.  Pray for peace for Danielle and Jack while he is away from the hospital.

Many are asking, "How can I help?"  Here are some ways you can help:

1)  PRAY.  Seriously.  If you do nothing else, and you pray, you are doing the best thing there is to do.

2)  Volunteer to sit at the hospital with them.  Especially with Jack's return to work, this will be of huge help.  Lee Ann Lee is putting together a calendar for people to go to hospital in shifts.  (Visitors welcome any time, but if you want to be there for a few hours or more, please sign up with Lee Ann).   You may contact her at 832-573-1862 or Facebook or email:

3)  CCHE (homeschool group) is coordinating all other aspects of care:  meals, childcare, yard work, name it!  If you would like to volunteer in some other capacity than being at  the hospital, please contact Cathy Darsey via email: or 281-452-6573

4)  Financial assistance:
       a)  It is very important to Jack and Danielle that The Criswell's not be burdened while caring for Ky and Jillian.  Danielle has asked for people to send gift cards for groceries  etc to Stacy and help her as much as possible. 
       b)  Jack and Danielle also have obvious expenses at this time.  If you wish to donate financially, you may take donations to Community Bank of Texas and ask to see Josh Seale or you may drop off your donation at FBC Crosby church office and your gifts will be taken to the hospital as people go.

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