Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Morning Update

Christian slept solid from 9 pm to midnight, then "twilighted" until 4 or so.  Then slept again pretty solid until 7am!  His fever spiked around midnight and blood pressure dropped again.  At this time blood pressure is normal and he still has a fever.

This morning he is still very stiff.  OT had some problems working with him yesterday. He did wear his braces like a champ last night.  Doctors are using words like diplegia, paralyisis, and clunus.

They have just removed the catheter as a test and will check in four hours to see if his bladder is functioning.  They are also considering putting in  a picc line to make blood draws and infusions easier.

1.  Pray for his bladder to function and that he will not need the catheter returned.
2.  Pray for 3rd IVIG treatment today.  His blood pressure needs to remain stable and pray he can continue to full dose.
3.  Please continue to pray for complete healing and restoration!

Thank you for your tremendous, overwhelming, amazing support!  We would not be making it without you! ~ Jack and Danielle


  1. Praying fou your guys! LOVE YALL!

    cris and family

  2. We are still praying for all of you. The PICC line is a good thing but make sure they always clean it before they connect anything to it. It will definately help with blood draws and infusions and make it easier on him so he does not have to get stuck so many times. If you ever have any questions, please call me. Cell 281-507-7027. Love you guys. God is hearing our prayers..

  3. Praising God for all he has done.

  4. Your still in my thoughts and prayers. You have never left. God will take care of the whole family...that is something you can trust in. Despite the fears he is there....love you all

  5. Love you sweet sister and praying for complete healing for Little Man and trusting that Our Lord is doing just that! Praying peace, comfort, understanding, rest and all the things you guys need. Loving you all:-)

  6. Lots of love and prayers to you. We are thinking of you.

    God is with you. Please remember that.

  7. My heart goes out to your family. Praying God will heal you son completely and sustain you along the way. Blessings!