Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Praises and Prayers for the first day of new treatment

Christian began his plasmapheresis treatment today.  It began with a surgical procedure to add a Port in his leg, rather than his chest.  Danielle, Jack and Christian spent most of the day in a Dialysis facility receiving Christian's treatment.  He was blood levels were checked frequently to insure that he was tolerating the procedure.  He was able to complete the entire treatment, but his Blood Pressure dropped and Heart Rate increased.  The medical team found that his calcium level also dropped, so they scheduled another infusion of calcium to regain the appropriate levels.  Right now, he is being monitored, and will be tested soon to see if yet another infusion will be necessary following today's plasmapheresis. 

After all is stabilized from today's treatments. they will wait 48 hours to begin the second of five treatments. 

Praise Report!!! 
After packing up their hospital room and preparing for another week in the PICU, the doctor allowed them to return to a private room after each treatment.  This is HUGE for Danielle and the family because it means that the sisters can still visit, showers and restroom facilities are close by, and best of all, Danielle can stay the night in the room with Christian. 

We are thankful for every blessing!

Prayer Requests:
- For Christian to maintain healthily blood pressure and heart rates during and following his treatments
- For any infusions necessary be tolerated perfectly
- For rest, peace, and health for the entire Smith Family

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