Monday, May 16, 2011

Pray the Boy Home!!!!!

Danielle's facebook status yesterday says it all..... "The Boy might get to go home this week! 26 days in the hospital is way to long! Poor thing spiked a fever and won't eat, so they have him on IV fluids and IV antibiotic. But it looks like he does not need a blood transfusion! Thanks to everyone who made my girls day special!"

Treatments are finished.  Time to focus on getting strong and coming home!  Please pray for Christian to regain his strength and for him to be released to go home.  Having their entire family under the same roof......HOME..... will be awesome for everyone!

Yesterday was Ky's birthday.  She celebrated with her Sunday School class and again with the family at the hospital.

Thank you for continued support and prayer.  Christian is stretching out his fingers more and more.  This is a huge praise!  When Christian comes home he will begin physical therapy and lots of hard work with focus on regaining full use of his hands and legs.  Our God is ABLE.  Our job is to believe He is able and trust Him as we wait.  

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