Thursday, May 5, 2011

Update: Rough Night Wednesday, Praying for Sucessful Treatment Today

Last night, Christian began vomiting, spiked a fever of 103.2, and a rash appeared, all of which are potential side effects of the Plasmapheresis treatment.  The nursed monitored him throughout the night.

This morning, the port in Christian's leg - where he receives his treatment - showed minor bleeding and he still has fever, now at 100.7.  The nurses are fitting Christian with leg splints.  At this time, they are still planning to administer the second round of Plasmapheresis sometime today. 

God is in control.  His ways are perfect.  He designs and orders our steps to cross paths with people everyday that can bless us and be there in our very time of need.  From a spectators view, that is happening with the Smith family - and its beautiful. 

Thank you to all the incredibly special people in their lives who have not only stepped in to assist in every way, but have allowed the Lord to use them for divine appointments. 

What a blessing that Danielle has a dear friend with her today that, through personal experiences, knows the ins and outs of Texas Children's Hospital.  She has been able to calm her fears while seeing some of these side effects appear.  Danielle and Jack have been so strong, and it is a tremendous blessing and encouragement to have someone with them that has been there.  How awesome is it that this friend was able to be there at this particular time.  God is in control!

Thank you Lord for every blessing!  We will stand on Your Word and Your Promises!

- Christian to remain healthy enough to receive his second treatment
- While in treatment, for his Blood Pressure and Heart Rate remain at a healthy level
- For health and protection against any sickness for all the family, friends, doctors, and medical personnel coming in contact with Christian.
- For the Ky & Jillian, please pray that they continue to thrive while being loved on by family & friends while out of their normal routine.
- For Jack while he manages work, home, hospital visits, keeping his family closely connected, and for safe traveling throughout it all.
-  For Danielle, as she manages, monitors, and cares for Christian at the hospital.  For her heart, her health, and for her spirits to remain high and focused.

Today, on the National Day of Prayer, please help us spread the word.


  1. Prayers for everyone.

    Love the Morgan clan

  2. Praying for the boy, endlessly! Praying for you and Jack, Ky-Anne and Jilli, as well. Praying for the criswells and the doctors. I wish i could be there with you. I love you, Sister.

  3. Danielle, just wanted to let you know we have been praying continuously for your whole family and will continue to do so. Many of my church family are also fervently praying on behalf of Christian and your family. Thank you for keeping us informed so we can pray specifically.

    Love ya,
    Danielle Brown